February 25, 2011

Zak had another scan today. They lymph node in question has not changed in size. Again, this is very good news. He will go back in 3 months for another scan.

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December 30, 2010

After today’s checkup, we are pleased to find that the lymph node in question has NOT increased in size! We will continue to watch it with routine checkups. Thank you so much to everyone for your all your support!

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October 27, 2010

Unfortunately, when dealing with cancer, there can be quite a bit of “gray” area. This is where we are at right now. The lymph node in question has not gotten any smaller, however, MOST IMPORTANTLY, it has not gotten any bigger either. It is common to have lymph nodes be enlarged and remain enlarged. Zak’s oncologist strongly feels that if it was Hodgkins Lymphoma again, it would have increased in size by now. Keep in mind, there are no guarantees. So, in the meantime, we wait. Zak will go back for another CT Scan in January. At that time, it will be decided if we want to have the lymph node surgically removed. Obviously, if it has gotten bigger it will come out immediately. If it has gotten smaller, we will continue to watch it. Although we would have loved to hear that it shrunk significantly, the fact that it hasn’t grown is certainly something to smile about!

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Zak had his ultrasound at 9:30 this morning. Unfortunately, it came back inconclusive. We then went for a CT scan at 1:30. The lymph node in question has shrunk a teeny tiny bit. Dr. Goodell feels that this is a good sign. Although we would have liked to see it shrunk even more, we are headed in the right direction. Zak will have another CT scan at the end of October.

Once again – thank you for all your support. We will continue to keep you posted!

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9-23-10 Update

We are happy to report that the mono test came back POSITIVE!  Just to be clear, Zak does NOT currently have mono.  Mono can be detected in your system for months after the virus subsides.  He was tested back in August, but it came back negative.  It is common to get a “false negative” for mono.  As strange as this may sound, this is wonderful news!!!!!  We will know more after Thursday’s ultrasound.

Thank you for all your well wishes!!!

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9-16-10 Checkup

Yesterday Zak went for a routine checkup for a CT scan, blood work and check up. Although the news we received wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t what we were hoping for either.

The CT scan showed an enlarged lymph node behind one of the muscles on the right side of his neck. About 3 weeks ago, Zak had a virus that warranted a trip to the doctor. At that time, he was tested for strep and mono. Both came back negative. Apparently, it is common to get a “false” negative for mono. The virus actually stays in your system for quite some time even after the symptoms subside.

On Saturday, Zak will be tested again for Mono. IF it comes back positive this time, there is a good chance the enlarged lymph node may be a result of the Mono virus. In addition to being tested for Mono again, he will also go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound of the lymph node with the hopes that it has shrunk. IF the Mono test comes back negative and the lymph node did NOT get any smaller, it will need to be removed immediately and sent to pathology.

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June 17, 2010


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